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Dear friends,

This week I’d like to share with you my interview with LaLaScoop, a great website that has all the info on what’s hip in Los Angeles. Thank you so much to Melissa Curtin, it was a pleasure getting to know you and talking about my new book!

After making $50,000 a month selling T-shirts at a very young age at various spots in Los Angeles starting with the Venice Boardwalk, True Religion jeans co-founder Kym Gold recounts her hardships both personally and professionally, while sharing with us how to rock the world and build an empire. Her business acumen in her latest tell-all memoir Gold Standard reveals her shocking business journey in the fashion world. Her frank and candid recounting of her childhood and relationship disappointments, show us early on setbacks didn’t hold her down.


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Mark Your Calendars: Kym Gold at Book Soup

I will be at Book Soup in West Hollywood on Saturday, September 12th, 2015 discussing and signing my new business book and memoir Gold Standard: How to Rock the World and Run an Empire. I’m so excited for my signing and hope that you will come to hear my story!

Kym Gold at Book Soup

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Kym Gold on NBC’s “Open House”

Open House True Religion Co Founder Kym Gold Malibu Estate

NBC’s “Open House” with host Sara Gore featured my California estate on Sunday, July 26th, 2015. It was so much fun working with the show’s crew and giving them the grand tour! View a sneak peek into my home by watching the video below or on their website.

— Kym Gold

Open House: Inside The Spanish-Style Abode of True Religion Founder

We’re at the Malibu beach house of Kym Gold, co-founder of jeans brand True Religion. Her estate features breathtaking ocean views, bright interiors and just the right amount of designer touches. This episode of Open House was hosted at 560 W 24th St., New York.

Watch the video here.

Book Quotes from Gold Standard: How to Rock the World & Run an Empire

Dear friends,

One of my aspirations is to be an inspiration, and I hope that my upcoming book Gold Standard: How to Rock the World and Run an Empire can be that inspiration. So today I have some book quotes from my new business book and memoir, which will be released on September 1st with Skyhorse Publishing. Please feel free to use these book quotes for yourself to inspire !


Enjoy these book quotes:

Kym Gold Gold Standard Quote

Kym Gold Gold Standard Book Quote Goals

Kym Gold Book Quote Challenge

Kym Gold Gold Standard Book Quote Fuel

Kym Gold Book Quotes Easy Goals

Excerpt from my new book, Gold Standard

book jacket smallHello! Today I would like to share with you an excerpt from my new book, GOLD STANDARD: How to Rock the World and Run an Empire. I’m so excited for its release in September 2015 with Skyhorse Publishing that I couldn’t wait to share a piece of it! Enjoy:

I had an idea that I would like to sell T-shirts on the boardwalk. Clothes weren’t being sold yet, so I thought I would find out who the landowner was, call him, and ask if I could rent some space.

Clothing designers sell their overages and damages, which are just slightly imperfect clothes. My idea was to buy damaged T-shirts and garment dye them my own colors and then sew material shapes on them to cover any holes.

I asked [my stepfather] George and Mom if I could borrow three hundred dollars and promised to pay them back. No doubt they assumed that day would be in the very distant future, if ever.

I went downtown to the mart where the showrooms were, having never been downtown before and certainly never alone. Up until that time, I rarely went anywhere by myself.

Terrified, I started knocking on doors. But, before they could shut the door on me, I would manage to blurt out, “Hi! Can I buy your overages or irregulars?”

Some people were nice, some shut the door on me, some were snobby, and some were downright mean. Back then people didn’t even think to sell overages and damages, so they didn’t understand my idea. Initially it was frowned upon, as their thinking was, if they’re selling to Neiman’s and Saks, they didn’t want the T-shirt found on the boardwalk for half the price. But it didn’t deter me; there was a thrill to the chase.

When I finally got someone to say “Yes” to me, I was totally intimidated by the next step, which was to rummage through their warehouse to find the T-shirts I deemed quality enough to buy. As nervous as I was, my pride kept pushing me forward. I believed in my idea.

I remember calling Mark [Burnett, my boyfriend at the time] from a payphone, saying, “I’m across the street from a dye house. I’m going to dye a bunch of T-shirts.”

He told me I was wasting my money. But I had a hunch. The T-shirts that had holes or tears, I would use a crisscross or bar tack stitching, or cut out stars, squares, and hearts from interesting fabrics to sew patches over the holes.
Mark was not the only one who said I shouldn’t sell the T-shirts—everyone thought it was a waste of my time, which just made me that much more driven. I love a challenge.

I bought the damaged T-shirts for five dollars each, put up some racks and umbrellas on the Venice boardwalk, and sold the repurposed T-shirts for twenty to thirty dollars each. By my first weekend I’d sold everything. To my stepdad’s surprise, I paid the three-hundred-dollar loan back the very next week.


Fashion Imitates Life

There’s the saying that fashion imitates life, but I don’t just live fashion—I create it, breathe it, and surround myself with it.

My adventures in the Los Angeles-area fashion industry have had their ups and downs, but overall my time working with clothing and accessories has been an extraordinary journey. I have had the satisfaction of seeing my small business venture become a billion-dollar luxury jeans wear company; but I have also dealt with the struggle of being the only woman in a male-dominated board room meeting, fighting to have her creative opinions heard.

After 30 years in the fashion industry, I am now mentoring and working with new and up-and-coming designers to achieve their own success in a field that can be extremely difficult to find your voice. But I also want to inspire people like you, who may have an aspiration in starting your own company, whether it be fashion or a coffee shop or a tech start-up.

So I introduce to you my blog, right here at, where you will find motivational advice, current events, DIY projects, information about my new book, Gold Standard, and maybe even a throwback photo or two. I look forward to hearing from you and sharing some creative and inspiring moments.

—Kym Gold