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A Summer Day in Southern California

With every day sunnier than the next, it’s hard not to love summer in southern California! This week’s post is dedicated to the beauty that surrounds us in the summer – and how sometimes we need a reminder to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine and nature surrounding us.
Every morning in the summer, I like to make a rejuvenation water that is tasty, fresh, and energizing – a perfect start to a summer day! Some of the ingredients, like mint, come straight from my own garden. It’s simple to make and not time consuming – just add some mint, ginger, lemon, turmeric, and a little ice to make it cold and refreshing.
Summer Kym Gold
A water pitcher is the best way to make rejuvenation water because it allows the mint and ginger to infuse into the water!
Another great thing about the season is that it’s full of color – from clothing to flowers, there is coloring bursting everywhere! My favorite colors I tend to use in my style more during the summer months are neutral, light colors in easy-flowing cotton fabrics. A bold splash of color is essentially, of course, either as an accessory or a statement piece.
Summer Kym Gold 2
The bright pansies and roses I planted are a good inspiration for fun summer colors to use!
My favorite summer activities include swimming, relaxing poolside with friends and family, and warm destination vacations like Fiji. I especially love being in my backyard this time of year, where I have a mixture of nature all around me–tall mature tress with swings, rose gardens, and a colorful bougainvillea backdrop combined with a cascading waterfall for the pool.
Pool Kym Gold 3
Beautiful nature surrounding my pool.
Together, it creates a visually tranquil, natural setting to just sit, breath, and relax after a long day’s work.
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