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Returning to My Blog After a Leave of Absence

Dear friends,

At the beginning of the year, I decided to take a leave of absence from my blog.  It was not an easy choice, but one that was necessary.

In January 2018, my business partner and close friend, Derick LaSalla, was diagnosed with cancer.  He had been an integral part of both my business and my personal life, and I wanted to help him however I could.  Once Derick got sick, all of my projects went on hold, including my blog.

Since then, it has been a slow mourning process as I’ve watched my partner, confidante, and best friend go through Stage IV cancer.  Although he put up a good fight, it is with much sadness that I must say he left this world on May 12th, 2018.

Losing Derick has been extremely difficult, and the best way that I have been able to deal with his passing has been through the joy of my three sons, my fiancé Marlon, my sisters Traci and Michelle, exercise, and the wonderful support of family and friends.  Although I went through some dark times during this ordeal, I want everyone to know how important it is to have support when something bad is going on in your life.  There is always someone out there who is willing to listen to you, whether it is a family member, an acquaintance, or even a stranger.  Even if you feel alone in your pain, you truly are not alone—there are other people out there in a similar situation, or dealing with similar feelings.

In the midst of all of this, Derick and I had been working together on several projects, all of which were shelved when he was diagnosed.  We also started a new venture to flip a property in Studio City, California, which I have steadily been working on over the past few months—it’s good to continue to work, even in the face of sad times.  It is the first property that I have ever completely torn down to build a new home—one that will be 4300 square feet. In a way it is metaphorical of the emotional rollercoaster of the past six months—out of these dark times, something beautiful will arise from it.

While the past few months have ramped up the construction of the new project, I’ve decided to take another step—focusing on my blog again.  The next six months, I’ll be building the house that I plan to flip,  working on new film and television projects, and planning the paperback release my memoir Gold Standard: How to Rock the World and Run an Empire.  And I plan on sharing these projects with you in my blog.

So, after a leave of absence, I’m back and ready to go! I hope that you’ll come with me on the next chapter of my journey.


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