Phoenix Fashion Week 2017 Wraps Successful Year!

At Phoenix Fashion Week 2017, 19 International emerging designers graduated from #DesignerBootCamp and debuted their Spring 2018 collections during its runway show.

This year, I was so thrilled to again participate in the Emerging Designer Bootcamp. Although I was not able to attend PHXFW’s three-day event celebrating the conclusion of its intensive three-month training, I was with you all in spirit! PHXFW Founder Brian Hill and his team hand-selected 19 designers that had been preparing to launch their collections for #PHXFW.

Every year, I am amazed at the upcoming talent emerging in the fashion world from PHXFW Bootcamps, and this year’s contestants were no exception. These designers, whether younger or older, reinvent the essence of this quickly-changing fashion industry by capitalizing on social media marketing and outreach, and searching for new and innovative ways to use fabrics, textures, and colors.

I love the “out-of-the-box” thinkers who are using sustainable fabrics or eco-friendly products. This is a new medium evolving in fashion, and these trendsetters of the future are making the fashion industry stand up and take notice!

This is not an easy business by any means, so my hat’s off to not only the winner, but to all the hard work, time, and energy that these designers put into building their brands and designing their collections. I was proud to be a small part of this large team at PHXFW, and lending my expertise and experience during the boot camp will hopefully help to propel these new designers to reach their own dreams one day soon.

The winners in each of the categories for Phoenix Fashion Week 2017:

Couture Designer of the Year: ACONAV

Accessory Designer of the Year: Multi Colored Animal

Lifestyle Designer of the Year: Qmulative

Contemporary Designer of the Year: Nouvelle Palm Beach

Models of the Year: Milan Ishmael and Amanda Meza


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