Interview: Kym Gold on the Marilu Henner Show

I had the opportunity to be interviewed today by Marilu Henner on the Marilu Henner Show today! She is lovely, and you can listen to her daily show at

Kym Gold Marilu Henner

Made a new friend today in Marilu. Such a blast!

Interview on The Marilu Henner Show (28 min into audio):

You can listen to the interview here, or visit this link to download from the show’s archives.

Visit the page for today’s episode here.



Kym Gold, Holly Robinson Peete on “Home & Family”


Today on “Home & Family” Holly Robinson Peete and I talk about being best friends since we were kids! Find out more about our 37-year-long friendship by tuning into the Hallmark Channel at 10:00AM EST or PST. You can also check the Hallmark schedule to find out what time “Home & Family” airs in your area.




Kym Gold Home & Family

LOVE to the family members on “Home and Family”!


Home & Family

Prepping on the set of “Home and Family.”


Kym Gold Hallmark Channel

Getting mic’d!


Kym HF3

Filming with the hosts Mark and Christina, and my wonderful friend Holly Robinson Peete!

Kym Gold at Book Soup in West Hollywood

Dear friends,

I had a wonderful time at Book Soup on Saturday to discuss my book Gold Standard: How to Rock the World and Run an Empire. Thank you, Book Soup, for being so gracious and for allowing me to speak about the process of writing Gold Standard and having an overall great time!

I also want to thank my lovely sisters Michelle and Traci for being my special guests, my co-author Sharon Soboil for being the Q&A moderator, and my literary rep Michelle Zeitlin for introducing us.

And of course, a big thank you to all who attended, I hope you enjoyed our event…and enjoy the book even more! Some pictures of the event below in case you missed out!


Gold Standard in the windows of Book Soup!

Gold Standard in the windows of Book Soup!


Kym Gold Store

Kym Gold with co-author Sharon Soboil, Marlon Young & Derick LaSalla!


Kym Gold Book Soup

My sisters and I answering questions.


Kym Gold Grace Rose Book Soup

Grace Rose celebrating my new book. Picture via Rosie G Style.


Kym Gold Dr. Sheryl Ross

Everyone having a great time at Book Soup! Picture via Dr. Sheryl Ross.


Kym Gold with Morezap Michelle Zeitlin at Book Soup

Michelle Zeitlin and I at Book Soup. Picture via Morezap Literary Representitives.

Mark Your Calendars: Kym Gold at SoGal

SoGal is hosting a three-day bootcamp event from Friday, September 25th until Sunday, September 27th. SoGal Startup Bootcamp is a weekend celebration of entrepreneurship, tech, startup and diversity. You’ll find me at the SoGal “Fireside Chat” on September 26th, where I’ll be discussing topics such as how to build a fashion empire, and how business has evolved with the rise of the Internet and social media.

SoGal Bootcamp Kym Gold

Join the party to make amazing friends, learn new skills, create fabulous solutions, discover hot startups and gain powerful inspirations!

Click here for more information and here if you would like to register for this amazing event!



LaLaScoop: Interview with Kym Gold


Image via LaLaScoop

Dear friends,

This week I’d like to share with you my interview with LaLaScoop, a great website that has all the info on what’s hip in Los Angeles. Thank you so much to Melissa Curtin, it was a pleasure getting to know you and talking about my new book!

After making $50,000 a month selling T-shirts at a very young age at various spots in Los Angeles starting with the Venice Boardwalk, True Religion jeans co-founder Kym Gold recounts her hardships both personally and professionally, while sharing with us how to rock the world and build an empire. Her business acumen in her latest tell-all memoir Gold Standard reveals her shocking business journey in the fashion world. Her frank and candid recounting of her childhood and relationship disappointments, show us early on setbacks didn’t hold her down.


Finish reading my interview with LaLaScoop by clicking the link below:

Mark Your Calendars: Kym Gold at Book Soup

I will be at Book Soup in West Hollywood on Saturday, September 12th, 2015 discussing and signing my new business book and memoir Gold Standard: How to Rock the World and Run an Empire. I’m so excited for my signing and hope that you will come to hear my story!

Kym Gold at Book Soup

For more information, click the event link below!

Interview with Kym Gold: “Women in Business” from Fashion Times

Fashion Times Logo Kym Gold

Thank you Fashion Times.  This was a pleasure to do!

From Fashion Times:

Kym Gold co-founded True Religion Brand Jeans in 2002 with her then-husband Jeff Lubell.

While the designer denim brand’s popularity skyrocketed, Gold’s marriage fell apart. She’s stayed quiet for years, but now, the fashionable businesswoman has decided to open up about her time at True Religion, her failed marriage and how the two are related in a forthcoming book called “Gold Standard: How to Rock the World and Run an Empire,” which is slated to be released next month.

In the book, Gold discusses everything from her first fashion job selling old T-shirts on a beach to how she feels she was pushed out of a company she helped create (Gold left True Religion in 2007, the same year she was served divorce papers by her husband).

In a recent interview with Gold, which you can read in full below, we asked the business woman what she learned while at True Religion, why her new book is a must-read, what advice she has for working women and much more.

To finish reading my interview with Fashion Times, click the link below:

What’s New for Fall Fashion 2015 and How Can I Update My Jeans?

Fall fashion 2015: Denim is always in, but the way denim is cut always changes. Flared, skinny, boot-cut—there’s tons of different types of jeans out there! I’ve noticed that cropped flared pants are in for the Fall 2015 season. How do you take an old pair of jeans and make them fresh for this season?
If you have an older pair of jeans, you can cut the bottom off and let them fray. This gives a modern edge to the pant.
Adding a cool trim or fun fabric on the pocket—or stitching a simple criss-cross pattern on the pant somewhere—gives you a great opportunity to display your own originality!
Fashion Week Brooklyn hosted their Fall 2015 activities in June, and their theme was “Denim Walk.” It’s always about the three basic fits: the skinny, the flair, and the boyfriend. Women are able to choose the style they like, and that fits their body type. Jeans today have a myriad of washes, like rinse, destroyed, patched. Gray is a big color for jeans this fall, and lighter washes, denim trench coats, and denim suiting are also in fashion.
When it comes to the rest of fall fashion, young designers are taking more risks and pushing the boundaries on what is the “Now Trends” of today. I’ve seen the runways full of the “Madcap Aristocrat” with heavy layering of old and new fabrics mixed together; I’ve also seen the edgy, retro glam/“Rebel Yell” look and feel.
Readers and fashionable spirits, I’d like to see how you refurbished your jeans to make them stylish again for fall fashion—tweet your updated jeans wear photos at @kym_gold!

Fashion Fundraiser: Benefiting Cystic Fibrosis Research

On August 15th, 2015, Grace Rose invites you to her Fashion Fundraiser: Benefiting Cystic Fibrosis Research, which will take place at the CBS Studios Radford in Studio City, CA.

Grace Rose is a 12-year-old fashion designer who was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis at birth, and she is deeply involved in fundraising for the disease. In 2013 she started her alter-ego fashion brand, “Rosie G Style,” and proceeds from sales go back to Cystic Fibrosis to help find a cure.

Cystic Fibrosis is life-threatening and there is no cure—yet. Research is advancing the life expectancy every year. When Grace Rose was born the average life span was approximately the age she is now, and due to new research and medical treatments people with CF are living into their 30’s.

Tickets for the fundraiser are on sale here at Eventbrite.

I hope to see you all there to support the lovely Grace Rose for her amazing cause.

—Kym Gold

Fashion Fundraiser Kym Gold Invite
Fashion Fundraiser Kym Gold Invite

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