April 2017 Color of the Month: Grey

Grey is a personal go-to color for me. It goes with many colors in my closet as an accessory or mainstay, and I also use it in my home. I love the color, because it’s contemporary. It has a steadying effect on other colors when they come into contact; it tones down the stronger and brighter colors, and illuminates softer ones. Rarely is grey a perfect mix of black and white; it often has elements of other colors with in it such as blue, green, pink, mauve, or yellow, which energize the grey tones.

This month, I’d like to show you how I incorporate the color into my home in various ways. If you have plans to paint a bedroom or dining room this spring but are struggling over the perfect color, I hope that the shades I showcase in this blog post will give you some ideas on how to use it in a fresh, modern way!

Grey Kym Gold home

I had this custom wood cabinet made from a local Malibu artist. It gives me a peaceful, zen feeling with the soft grey and creme wood undertones. The creamy white and turquoise balances beautifully against the wood and paint, and the different textures of the mirror and wood grain give the space a soothing accent.

Grey Velvet Kym Gold

A vintage Phillip Stark chair, reupholstered in a grey velvet.

Charcoal Grey Kym Gold home

A custom circular couch in charcoal leather.

Grey Seat Kym Gold Home

Using grey fabric with a lot of texture can compliment a room and other accent pieces.

Grey Kym Gold Home

Using a combination of silver and grey elements can give a very dramatic effect, like this chandelier I bought for my foyer entrance. An impressive piece!

When you use the right shade in the right way, grey is a beautiful, rich, natural, and calming hue that agrees with almost every color. Notice that I don’t just use one shade — there are variations of the color, like light, dark, charcoal, and silver. Don’t be afraid to use grey — as long as you balance it in a refreshing way!


P.S. Visit my March Color of the Month, Purple, here!

Our Ventura Boulevard: True Religion Jeans founder Kym Gold debuts Encino Home

Our Ventura Boulevard, a regional lifestyle magazine, interviewed me about my new home. A special thank you to writer Linda Grasso and photographer Shane O’Donnell!

Ventura Boulevard

Photographed by Shane O’Donnell for Ventura Boulevard.

…”I wanted to do jeans with twisted seams, big pockets and flare. People were like what? You can’t do that with jeans!” But she stuck to her guns and it paid off. In 2012 a private equity firm bought the company for $835 million.

Kym took something of the same approach with her new Encino digs. She bought the brand-new, 7,600- square-foot spec home on a quiet cul-de-sac, south of the Boulevard, for more than $6 million. And then she did the unthinkable. She started taking it apart.

Read the entire article here.

Color of the Month: Purple

After writing my blog post about the Pantone Color of the Year “Greenery,” I decided that I want to start focusing every month on a specific color that I love. Being a fashion designer, I spent a lot of time with many different colors, and my blog is the perfect place to spotlight colors on an individual level.

Purple is a color that is so different from green that I decided to spend some time with the purple items in my house that I love. Below you’ll find a few of my favorite things!

This is one of my favorite outfits to wear, which has purple accents. You can’t go wrong with a Balenciaga purse (this one also happens to be my favorite!) or purple Jimmy Choo shoes. The subtle purples in the blazer perfectly influence the blues. Combined with a pair of jeans and fun necklace, you can’t go wrong with this outfit – which is why I love it so much!

My pool garden has a touch of purple in it. With so much greenery around the pool, the purple flowers (with a dash of yellow) give the greens and cool grey slate a pop of color.

 I absolutely love the Missoni pillows on my bedroom love seat! Not only are the patterns fantastic, but the mix of light and dark purples against the bright reds and yellows give them a beautiful, fun contrast.

 I adore this painting by my sister, artist Michelle Oppenheimer. The purple hues fused with white and blue make this wonderful painting so relaxing to look at, especially after a long day!

Check back on my blog to see what color I’ll be showcasing in April…


SLAG: Served Like a Girl

I’m so proud to be a producer on Served Like a Girl, an amazing new documentary that premiered this year at SXSW! The film chronicles the lives of female veterans as they compete for the crown of Ms. Veteran America.

The Hollywood Reporter wrote an amazing review for Served Like a Girl:

The Bottom Line:  You couldn’t ask for better company….

Lysa Heslov’s directing debut profiles organizers and contestants of the Ms. Veteran America contest, an awareness- and fund-raising event for homeless female vets.

Read more of THR’s glowing review for Served Like a Girl here.

Fashion Inspiration: A Q&A with Lauryn Evarts, Founder of The Skinny Confidential

Hello friends! I have something new and special for you this week – I’ve launched a new series, where I will be featuring Q&A’s with lifestyle and fashion bloggers on my website a few times a year. I love Lauryn Evarts and her blog The Skinny Confidential,  which is why I’ve decided to ask her to to be the very first person to feature in this series.

The Skinny confidential Founder Lauryn Evarts

Thanks for joining us, Lauryn. What made you decide to start The Skinny Confidential?

I created The Skinny Confidential while studying at San Diego State University. I was  inspired to create a platform for  women to connect through their tips and tricks. Since then, the blog has grown into a full-on lifestyle brand, book, fitness guide, and podcast with a product line coming soon. The foundation was highly important to me because I wanted/want to play the long game.

What fashion trends are you looking forward to this year?

I try not to focus on trends, and focus on dressing for my body. I LOVE contrast so mixing masculine and feminine pieces is my favorite trend. Think sexy fishnet tights with ripped boyfriend jeans or a dress with strong shoulders. Also love stealing my husband’s clothes!

What are your personal, fashion, and blog goals for 2017?

My goals this year are to just continually grow, evolve and push myself. Embrace the uncomfortable! The greatest things happen when you step outside of your comfort zone. I’m also working on some products that will launch soon that I can’t wait to share with everyone! This year is about growth, lots of video, and engagement with the audience.

What’s one accessory in your closet you can’t live without?

Everyone needs a great pair of sunglasses. They’re a must not only to protect your eyes but they really complete any outfit. I love wearing super dark black ones and playing around with fun mirrored sunglasses. SUNGLASSES ARE LIFE!

What is your go-to article of clothing?

A leather motorcycle jacket is a timeless staple. You can throw it over literally whatever and you will always look on point. I love pairing mine with a vintage tee, a sexy black dress or my favorite, a simple white tank & jeans. Jeans are obviously a must-have. ; )

What beauty item do you take with you everywhere?

I’m OBSESSED with face masks, especially eye pads. I wear them EVERY morning and even wear them in public. I think it’s hilarious. One of my favorite tips is to put the eye pads in the fridge. The cold provides extra de-puffing. It’s a LIFE SAVER when you’re hungover. Also a good steel ice roller is just amazing for inflammation.

What’s the most recent article of clothing you bought, and why did you purchase it?

I recently got a pink faux fur jacket for Aspen. It’s insane and really stands out. Plus it keeps you warm in the snow. I can’t get enough.Lauryn Evarts The Skinny Confidential

If you could raid any celebrity’s closet, whose would it be and why?

Definitely Kylie Jenner’s. I love how she just goes for it and mixes athletic wear and high end pieces. She is always ahead of the trend and really represents the youth. I like youthful clothing- nothing that makes me look older than I am.

If you had a fashion “motto” what would it be?

Do you. Trends are fun to play around with but find what’s flattering. When you feel good, you’ll look good. Everyone is different.

How do you think social media, particularly Instagram and Snapchat, has influenced fashion? Has it influenced your own style?

Social media is the modern day magazine. Instead of looking at Vogue to to see what’s trending people are using Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat which is SO fun. Social media allows you to see different ideas from all over the world and use that as inspiration for creating your own unique look. It’s allowed people to be more creative which is great. Fashion is now so accessible to any consumer. I think social media plays a key role in this concept.

Lauryn Evarts lives in San Diego and Los Angeles, California with her fiancé, Michael and their two chihuahuas, Pixy and T. Boone Pickens. You can find Lauryn on InstagramPinterestSnapchatTwitter, and YouTube.


DRIVEN: Facebook LIVE Interview

On Friday, I had a great time driving and chatting with Melinda Moore and Janet Norton of “Driven.” Their show highlights the fastest movers and shakers in fashion, technology, and wellness. On our drive, we spoke about True Religion, entrepreneurship, and staying true to your passion.

Although the interview was on Facebook LIVE, you can watch the interview above.

Don’t forget to like Melinda and Janet’s Facebook page, Driven4Passion!

Driven4Passion Kym Gold

Photo from the Driven ladies!


What drives you?


Lifestyle Tips: Using Pantone Color of the Year “Greenery”

When Pantone announced that their 2017 Color of the Year was “Greenery,” I couldn’t be more excited — green is my favorite color.

According to Pantone, “A refreshing and revitalizing shade, Greenery is symbolic of new beginnings. Greenery is a fresh and zesty yellow-green shade that evokes the first days of spring when nature’s greens revive, restore and renew.” Who doesn’t love the idea of renewal, especially in the New Year?

What is the best way to incorporate greenery into your lifestyle? Here are some ways that I plan to use this year’s “It” color.

As Accessories. You can really make green pop against a neutral outfit. Below are two of my favorite accessories, a beautiful pair of Christian Louboutin shoes and Balenciaga handbag. Both perfectly match the plants I have in my garden!

As Jewelry. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but a colorful, vibrant emerald ring can really make a statement (and again, green purses are a beautiful accessory).

For Inspiration. Over the holidays I visited Fiji, which was beautiful! Traveling to countries that boast lush scenery is the perfect way to get creative inspiration (and relaxation!).

In Nature. Gardening and being in nature is healthy for you – gardening provides stress relief, brain health, and is a mood enhancer. I have been gardening for a long time, and love how all the work I’ve put into it creates beauty and healthy eats.

Greenery Gardening Kym Gold

As Attire. In the photo shoot for my memoir Gold Standard, I went with my favorite color in a bright, confident shade. The green has a lively contrast against my neutral jacket. Don’t be afraid to wear a bold green!

In general, green is perfect for almost everything. Because this year’s Pantone Color of the Year “symbolizes the reconnection we seek with nature, one another and a larger purpose,” don’t be afraid to use it in your everyday life – it illustrates the need for human and natural connection!

If you plan on using greenery in your style, send me your inspiration on Twitter @Kym_Gold!


5 Books I Look Forward to in 2017

carrie-pilby-caren-lissnerAfter a long day of conference calls, design meetings, and overall planning for a fashion brand, one of my favorite things to do is curlup with a good book. Since 2016 is nearing an end, I thought I’d write about 5 books I look forward to reading in 2017:

  1. The still-untitled memoir of Ralph Lauren. Ralph Lauren is an American fashion icon, and his upcoming autobiography next fall will surely have some fabulous, stylish wisdom.
  2. Where Stylists Shop: The Fashion Insider’s Ultimate Guide by Booth Moore. Moore is a trusted fashion critic who has worked for publications like Los Angeles Times and The Hollywood Reporter – her guide on where to shop will surely be just as reliable as her critiques.
  3. Carrie Pilby by Caren Lissner. As a producer on the film version of Carrie Pilby, it’ll be fun to re-read the book before the movie is released in 2017.
  4. The Aisles Have Eyes: How Retailers Track Your Shopping, Strip Your Privacy, and Define Your Power by Joseph Turow. Retail has changed since True Religion Brand Jeans launched in 2002. This book will certainly be an interesting read on how consumers are tracked digitally online and in physical stores.
  5. The Book of Greens by Jenn Louis and Kathleen Squires. I love, love, love my vegetable garden and am so excited for this book, which looks like it has some amazing recipes for over 40 types of greens.

I’ve shown you mine, now you show me yours – what books are you excited to read in 2017?

Retail Advice: How to get New Customers – and Bring Them Back for More

Is your New Year’s Resolution to start a fashion brand? I’ve learned a lot of retail advice over the years creating and building on fashion brands, most notably True Religion.  If you are planning on becoming a fashion designer and managing your own business, I have some crucial retail advice that I hope you can apply to your new venture.

Research studies show that on average, the probability of selling your product to a new customer is 5-20%. But the probability of selling to an existing customer is 60-70%! Customer loyalty is important for a retail business, and it is the ultimate channel to get repeat business…at the lowest cost.

  1. Staples and Supplements: Sell things or services people need as well as things they might want. It’s very simple. A grocer that sells milk has a built in repeat business because milk is a staple, yet adding a bakery department is a supplement. People will come in for the staple and usually leave with a supplement (up sale).   Look at your business and see what staples you have to bring in repeat business and what your supplements are in order to capture the customer while they are there in the store or business. Make sure you have the right balance of staples to supplements.
  2. Educate your staff to thoroughly know your product and can be sales ambassadors. Test them periodically to ensure that they are staying on top of it. Product knowledge makes the customer feel confident they are purchasing something of value. Know your consumer demographic. Make sure your sales staff is always giving customers that top quality, extra care customer service, which brings customers back over and over again.  As a business owner myself, being the expert in your field or business gives customers the confidence that your product is the best in quality and price.kym-gold-product
  3. Offer discount promotions and or free giveaways. That helps generate new customers. Social media sites are inexpensive and have greatly helped the overall market to get the word out about your business. Networking in social groups and communities also helps spread the word of your new or existing business.  When I started True Religion, I would literally keep pairs of jeans in my car and hand them out to sales people to wear in the hopes that the store would buy my product.  It worked, and really got the word out, which gave True Religion its traction in the beginning.
  4. Follow up! Stay on top of your existing customers with personalization like personal emails or calling during business hours for upcoming special deals (Only if they are registered with your store for this). Do offer “gift with purchase” rewards or store discount credits to repeat customers to thank them for their loyalty. Thank you cards for repeat customers go a long way.
  5. Try something new! Some newer strategies that are working are offering subscriptions or membership packages; e-commerce that includes special service that caters to different types of customers directly. Brick and mortar stores are creating a personal or comfortable home environment for customers with the right music and comfortable lighting and seating, which keeps them there longer, and equals more sales.

Good luck on your new business, and I hope that the retail advice I’ve imparted with you today will be of use for you in your fashionable endeavors!

Book Excerpt: “Five Thousand Jeans and Nowhere to Go”

Below is an excerpt from my book, Gold Standard: How to Rock the World and Run an Empire.

Five Thousand Jeans and Nowhere to Go

We knew we needed to get the jeans known. Sales were in a tailspin. The stores we had given the pants to on consignment had customers returning the pants. The men’s jeans pockets were bigger, with a twisted seam, not a basic five pocket. People just didn’t get it. The smaller stores would tell us the customers didn’t like them and that they didn’t sell well. So a lot of those stores returned their inventory back to us. But we were steadfast in waiting for the “Yes.”

Our first set of reps was not as aggressive as we needed them to be. Normally, when a store writes an order from a rep in a showroom, the store’s buyer signs a purchase order, then the clothing company ships out the product. There has to be a real legitimate reason to return something. True Religion was so new and innovative that our sales team, who didn’t have knowledge of our particular category of clothing, didn’t understand how to sell our jeans.

It would have behooved our sales rep to say to the buyers, “These are new, give it another week.”

The sales reps don’t get paid if the stores return the jeans.


Every day during that period, I would take a breath, suit up, show up, and just focus on marching forward. And “No” was not an option. It had to become a “Yes.” It just had to. There were times when I thought, “Fucks this. I’ll go become a designer for someone else again.” But then I would just carry on to the next moment, hand out another pair of jeans, and let that thought pass. It had to work. I needed it—for me, for us, for the family. It was like I willed it to be.

There’s no doubt it was a challenge. There were big stores that said “No” for years. Neiman Marcus said “No.” There were the ones who wanted us to change the logo, get rid of the Buddha, and change the name. Everything about it was “No, no, no,” and we didn’t change any of it. Ultimately, Neiman Marcus carried the line. It was like Sylvester Stallone wanting to be in his own movie. I was in my own movie. This was my movie. This was my vision, and I was not willing to give it up.

For more information about my book Gold Standard: How to Rock the World and Run an Empire, visit the book’s page.

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