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Kym’s Studio City Property: A Work in Progress

I’ve always loved Studio City, a neighborhood in Los Angeles, and I was so excited to purchase property with the sole purpose to flip the house. It’s a really hip place—centrally located and close to the highway, near multiple canyons like Fryman Canyon for day hikes, easy access to and from the valley into neighborhoods like Beverly Hills and West Hollywood, near several movie and TV production company offices, plus the school system is one of the best in LA if you have children. There’s just so much to do, from restaurants to boutique shopping.

That’s why I made the decision to purchase a house in Studio City—it’s the perfect place to build a home from scratch that’ll be flipped! The street that I bought the property on is so beautiful and green. After I purchased it in spring of last year, I had it torn down so that I could use my creativity to build a new one exactly as I envisioned. I really wanted to do a house ground up and create my own floor plan. It is strategically designed to be very open and airy, and absolutely perfect for a family—and for entertaining guests! While the construction of the Studio City property won’t be completed until Fall 2018, I hope that you enjoy the photos of the work in progress.

That isn’t the only plan that I have for the newly constructed property. Another design element that I wanted to include is to create a uniqueness to each room. Each room is special on its own, while still maintaining an overall flow. All of the stones, colors, and shape of the doors are very particular, the hardscaping is unique, and there’s unusual lighting in the kitchen and master bedroom. This artistically makes each room a destination on its own, but maintains the cohesiveness of the entire design.

The purpose of living in California is that it’s bright and sunny all the time—so it is important that the new property must have lots of natural light as well as indoor and outdoor living. I’m also highlighting the water feature in the back yard, so that it can be seen upon entrance; there’s also plans to accentuate the beautiful green views of the yard in every window.

Building a new home from scratch to flip is such an amazing experience. If you’re a creative person with a great eye for design, it is a perfect outlet to utilize your originality. It’s also such an inspiring feeling as you witness the transition from the floor plan on paper into the real, physical thing that you can touch and see for yourself. Although there can be cons like conflicts with the contractors, the possibility of having to cut corners, and weather slowing down the construction, the dedication and labor put into creating something beautiful from beginning to completion is worth it!

— Kym

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