Homegrown Pickled Vegetables Using Greens from Your Garden

Making homegrown pickled vegetables using greens from my garden has been a passion project for me this year – to great success with friends and family. I love pickles, and decided to start making my own with crisp cucumbers from the garden. But then, I decided to expand that with other vegetables like cauliflower, carrots, celery, and even radishes!

Plus, it is fun to experiment with different flavors and hand out charming mason jars full of veggies to friends and family. They make a unique yet delicious homemade gift.

homegrown vegetables for pickling kym

You can literally use any greens that you’d like for homemade pickled vegetables – don’t be afraid to experiment! The spices that I regularly use are vinegar, garlic, and tarragon. Sometimes I’ll switch the tarragon out if I want to add some fresh cilantro or spicy chili peppers. As to a favorite pickled veggie, I can’t choose – they’re all so delectable. You’ll just have to decide for yourself which one is the tastiest!

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Pickling vegetables is a fun project, plus they make a great snack. Do you make your own homegrown pickled vegetables?

To learn how to make your own pickled vegetables, The Kitchn has a great recipe to try out here.


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