Gold Standard

Gold Standard Book by Kym Gold“Kym is such a visionary in fashion. We have a mutual respect for each other in each of our business ventures. Her fashion sense and business acumen are undeniably spot on, as is our friendship of many years.”
—Randy Jackson, Music Producer

“Few women entrepreneurs have been as successful as Kym Gold, and her personal story is riveting. She has braved the turbulent waters of extraordinary success and excruciating losses, great loves and terrible betrayals, all with edginess, a rawness and an authenticity that makes her a formidable force. Her book is a front row seat to huge upheaval not only in her own life, but in American business as it comes to grips with the kind of woman who is here to change the game.”
—Marianne Williamson, Speaker, Activist, Author of A Year of Miracles

“Having known Kym for decades I have continually seen her vision and decisiveness in action. She always takes action on her instinct and seems to win time and time again.”
—Mark Burnett, Producer of Survivor

The co-founder of True Religion Brand Jeans, Kym Gold uses her story to serve up a firm dose of life and career lessons that helped her build a multimillion-dollar fashion brand from the ground up.

Kym Gold’s mantra, “Never settle for a no; always look for a yes,” is what led her to co-create True Religion Brand Jeans, a major retail clothing company that sold for close to a billion dollars in 2013. In Gold Standard, Kym finally gives her side of the story of how the once fledgling jeans company that nobody wanted went on to become a giant revolutionizing player in the fashion industry.

As a woman in the fickle fashion business, Kym armed herself and became one of True Religion’s majority shareholders and their lead female clothing designer. On Valentine’s Day in 2007, she was served divorce papers by her then-husband and had her company ripped from under her—all within an hour. Since then, she has re-established her place in the industry and catapulted herself into the coveted 1% of the richest Americans.

In Gold Standard: How to Rock the World and Run an Empire, Kym’s savvy business and fashion branding experience of thirty years gives a behind-the-scenes look into the always changing fashion industry. It also mixes in her compelling personal journey, including her marriage to Mark Burnett before he became TV’s biggest mega producer, and a compassionate view for women of the pressures of balancing a career, finances, and family. Kym motivates readers to throw the gold gloves on and put up a fight.

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