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My Fireplace Mantle: Mixing Vintage and Modern

The first object I had designed and installed when I moved into my home was the fireplace mantle in my master bedroom. I asked my contractor if we could find something like a large, old piece of wood that brings a feel of warmth and an organic element into my personal space.

We ended up finding a 100-year-old railroad tie that we re-purposed as the fireplace mantle. Taking extremely old brick and painting it a contemporary color gave a look and feel of vintage and modern elements. I love to find old items and utilize them in a new way!

Kym Gold Fireplace Mantle
We decided to give the railroad tie a wash of a contemporary shade of grey.

Even mixing the charm of the fireplace with a large TV and colorful vases adds just enough contrast that stands out, but doesn’t look out of place. Mixing old and new is a great way to add dimension and charm.

Kym Gold Fireplace Mantle
All of the elements blend together in such a unique way to create the perfect focal point.

So if your space is feeling impersonal, or just needs a touch of warmth, scouring your local antique shop or even a flea market can turn up with some unique finds that add the perfect amount of character to any room.


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