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Exploring Color: Blue

The moment you walk into my home you’ll immediately notice a conspicuous color pattern that displays my love for all things blue.                It has such versatility in both fashion and design.

My sister, Michelle Oppenheimer, is an artist, and her gorgeous painting is displayed prominently.  Shown below her work is transformed  into beautiful wallpaper, which is perfect for an accent wall!

Click this image to see more work from Michelle!



My kids appreciate the depth of blue color.  When they were young

I painted each of their rooms a different shade (to match their eyes).

My son made me this beautiful vase.




Of course indigo blue reminds me of denim!









Creating color accents in different media also makes interior design choices pop, such as these lights. I designed and did the glassblowing myself. 

Here are some other ways to play with color in your home:

Textured Rugs


Dishes on Display

How do you use color?  Feel free to let me know in a comment below!

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