Phoenix Fashion Week Emerging Designer Bootcamp 2017

Phoenix Fashion Week

This year I hosted the Phoenix Fashion Week Emerging Designer Bootcamp Class of 2017. I’m so excited and thrilled to be part of the Phoenix Fashion Week family and look forward to October when we can see all the designer’s fabulous new designs!

In case you missed my tweet up and live Q&A with Phoenix Fashion Week, you can visit Gitana Styling, who has included everything from the #AskKymGold Live Tweet-up!

Visit the link here to read about the events.

Purchase tickets for Phoenix Fashion Week 2017 (October 5th-7th) here.

Healthy Living: Why I Love Gardening

I started gardening about ten years ago, when I noticed that my backyard had space that would be perfect for planting a small herb garden. Well, that small plot soon grew into a very large garden area…

kym garden
By adding many vegetables and herbs and even fruit trees, over the years I was able to bring a wide selection of natural foods into my home. Knowing that I am growing organic greens and feeding my family and friends healthy foods–directly from farm to table–gives me a peace of mind because I know exactly where these fruits, vegetables, and herbs came from. Because I also have my own compost, it’s also environmentally conscious. So not only am I keeping a healthier lifestyle for myself and my family, but we are doing our part to help the environment, too.
kym garden

Some of my favorite plants that I grow in my garden are mint, for homemade tea; cilantro, which tastes refreshing in spicier dishes; and spinach, which is full of vitamins and minerals–perfect for a protein shake.

Kym Gardening
It’s proven that gardening is good for your health and soul – besides helping you stay mindful of what you are putting into your body, it boosts your mood! Starting a garden is something that I began doing ten years ago in a small backyard plot and grew into a sustainable living – a lifestyle that I will continue for many more years to come!

A Summer Day in Southern California

With every day sunnier than the next, it’s hard not to love summer in southern California! This week’s post is dedicated to the beauty that surrounds us in the summer – and how sometimes we need a reminder to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine and nature surrounding us.
Every morning in the summer, I like to make a rejuvenation water that is tasty, fresh, and energizing – a perfect start to a summer day! Some of the ingredients, like mint, come straight from my own garden. It’s simple to make and not time consuming – just add some mint, ginger, lemon, turmeric, and a little ice to make it cold and refreshing.
Summer Kym Gold

A water pitcher is the best way to make rejuvenation water because it allows the mint and ginger to infuse into the water!

Another great thing about the season is that it’s full of color – from clothing to flowers, there is coloring bursting everywhere! My favorite colors I tend to use in my style more during the summer months are neutral, light colors in easy-flowing cotton fabrics. A bold splash of color is essentially, of course, either as an accessory or a statement piece.
Summer Kym Gold 2

The bright pansies and roses I planted are a good inspiration for fun summer colors to use!

My favorite summer activities include swimming, relaxing poolside with friends and family, and warm destination vacations like Fiji. I especially love being in my backyard this time of year, where I have a mixture of nature all around me–tall mature tress with swings, rose gardens, and a colorful bougainvillea backdrop combined with a cascading waterfall for the pool.
Pool Kym Gold 3

Beautiful nature surrounding my pool.

Together, it creates a visually tranquil, natural setting to just sit, breath, and relax after a long day’s work.

Kym Gold on “Live Love Thrive” with Catherine Gray

I was so happy to be invited onto the show “Live Love Thrive” with host Catherine Gray, a women’s empowerment hour from 360 Karma that features women who do amazing work in the world and inspires others to do the same. 360 Karma’s ideology is about women helping women as to catapult females into positions of influence – and that having a women’s perspective at the table will help make the world a better place.

Writer and Mexican immigrant Reyna Grande also joined Catherine later in the hour, and she discusses her journey to America and her book The Distance Between Us.

Watch my interview on “Live Love Thrive” about my experiences in the fashion industry, my book Gold Standard: How to Rock the World and Run an Empire, and advice for women below!


You can also watch the interview on YouTube.

My Fireplace Mantle: Mixing Vintage and Modern

The first object I had designed and installed when I moved into my home was the fireplace mantle in my master bedroom. I asked my contractor if we could find something like a large, old piece of wood that brings a feel of warmth and an organic element into my personal space.

We ended up finding a 100-year-old railroad tie that we re-purposed as the fireplace mantle. Taking extremely old brick and painting it a contemporary color gave a look and feel of vintage and modern elements. I love to find old items and utilize them in a new way!

Kym Gold Fireplace Mantle

We decided to give the railroad tie a wash of a contemporary shade of grey.

Even mixing the charm of the fireplace with a large TV and colorful vases adds just enough contrast that stands out, but doesn’t look out of place. Mixing old and new is a great way to add dimension and charm.

Kym Gold Fireplace Mantle

All of the elements blend together in such a unique way to create the perfect focal point.

So if your space is feeling impersonal, or just needs a touch of warmth, scouring your local antique shop or even a flea market can turn up with some unique finds that add the perfect amount of character to any room.



April 2017 Color of the Month: Grey

Grey is a personal go-to color for me. It goes with many colors in my closet as an accessory or mainstay, and I also use it in my home. I love the color, because it’s contemporary. It has a steadying effect on other colors when they come into contact; it tones down the stronger and brighter colors, and illuminates softer ones. Rarely is grey a perfect mix of black and white; it often has elements of other colors with in it such as blue, green, pink, mauve, or yellow, which energize the grey tones.

This month, I’d like to show you how I incorporate the color into my home in various ways. If you have plans to paint a bedroom or dining room this spring but are struggling over the perfect color, I hope that the shades I showcase in this blog post will give you some ideas on how to use it in a fresh, modern way!

Grey Kym Gold home

I had this custom wood cabinet made from a local Malibu artist. It gives me a peaceful, zen feeling with the soft grey and creme wood undertones. The creamy white and turquoise balances beautifully against the wood and paint, and the different textures of the mirror and wood grain give the space a soothing accent.

Grey Velvet Kym Gold

A vintage Phillip Stark chair, reupholstered in a grey velvet.

Charcoal Grey Kym Gold home

A custom circular couch in charcoal leather.

Grey Seat Kym Gold Home

Using grey fabric with a lot of texture can compliment a room and other accent pieces.

Grey Kym Gold Home

Using a combination of silver and grey elements can give a very dramatic effect, like this chandelier I bought for my foyer entrance. An impressive piece!

When you use the right shade in the right way, grey is a beautiful, rich, natural, and calming hue that agrees with almost every color. Notice that I don’t just use one shade — there are variations of the color, like light, dark, charcoal, and silver. Don’t be afraid to use grey — as long as you balance it in a refreshing way!


P.S. Visit my March Color of the Month, Purple, here!

Our Ventura Boulevard: True Religion Jeans founder Kym Gold debuts Encino Home

Our Ventura Boulevard, a regional lifestyle magazine, interviewed me about my new home. A special thank you to writer Linda Grasso and photographer Shane O’Donnell!

Ventura Boulevard

Photographed by Shane O’Donnell for Ventura Boulevard.

…”I wanted to do jeans with twisted seams, big pockets and flare. People were like what? You can’t do that with jeans!” But she stuck to her guns and it paid off. In 2012 a private equity firm bought the company for $835 million.

Kym took something of the same approach with her new Encino digs. She bought the brand-new, 7,600- square-foot spec home on a quiet cul-de-sac, south of the Boulevard, for more than $6 million. And then she did the unthinkable. She started taking it apart.

Read the entire article here.

Color of the Month: Purple

After writing my blog post about the Pantone Color of the Year “Greenery,” I decided that I want to start focusing every month on a specific color that I love. Being a fashion designer, I spent a lot of time with many different colors, and my blog is the perfect place to spotlight colors on an individual level.

Purple is a color that is so different from green that I decided to spend some time with the purple items in my house that I love. Below you’ll find a few of my favorite things!

This is one of my favorite outfits to wear, which has purple accents. You can’t go wrong with a Balenciaga purse (this one also happens to be my favorite!) or purple Jimmy Choo shoes. The subtle purples in the blazer perfectly influence the blues. Combined with a pair of jeans and fun necklace, you can’t go wrong with this outfit – which is why I love it so much!

My pool garden has a touch of purple in it. With so much greenery around the pool, the purple flowers (with a dash of yellow) give the greens and cool grey slate a pop of color.

 I absolutely love the Missoni pillows on my bedroom love seat! Not only are the patterns fantastic, but the mix of light and dark purples against the bright reds and yellows give them a beautiful, fun contrast.

 I adore this painting by my sister, artist Michelle Oppenheimer. The purple hues fused with white and blue make this wonderful painting so relaxing to look at, especially after a long day!

Check back on my blog to see what color I’ll be showcasing in April…


SLAG: Served Like a Girl

I’m so proud to be a producer on Served Like a Girl, an amazing new documentary that premiered this year at SXSW! The film chronicles the lives of female veterans as they compete for the crown of Ms. Veteran America.

The Hollywood Reporter wrote an amazing review for Served Like a Girl:

The Bottom Line:  You couldn’t ask for better company….

Lysa Heslov’s directing debut profiles organizers and contestants of the Ms. Veteran America contest, an awareness- and fund-raising event for homeless female vets.

Read more of THR’s glowing review for Served Like a Girl here.

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