Interview with Boss Girl Creative

Boss Girl Creative is a podcast by Taylor Bradford that teaches the whats, hows, and whys of blogging, business, and creative entrepreneurship with girl bosses – which is why I had a blast discussing work/life balance, finding a support system, having the passion to create, and more. Listen to the podcast below and visit the Boss Girl website here!

GenHERation: Question and AnswHER with Kym Gold

GenHERation is a female empowerment network for millennial girls, founded by Katlyn Grasso. I had the pleasure of being interviewed for her series, “Question and AnswHER.” Every week GenHERation talks with a new woman entrepreneur. You can either read my interview below or read it on their website here.

Kym Gold-Cofounder of True Religion Jeans

1) What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?
From an early age, I always wanted to be in control of my own destiny and starting your own business allows for that.

2) What skills helped you translate your passion for retail into a multi-million dollar business?
I built my business by having perseverance toward my goal, the patience to make it happen, and not looking for a no.

3) How do you identify and select new business projects to pursue?
When considering new projects, I always evaluate the product, the people involved, and the demographic it’s trying to reach.

4) Have you ever had a mentor who had a tremendous impact on you as a leader?
Yes, my mother.

5) What is one lesson from your book Gold Standard that high school girls can apply to their own lives?
There are several lessons girls can apply to their own lives including, follow your dreams, stay true to your convictions, and always look for a yes.

Thank you to Katlyn Grasso for the interview, and for inspiring and empowering girls and women!


GenHERation: Lessons from the SoGal Startup Bootcamp

Love this article from Carina O., a GenHERation member, on the #IAmSoGal Summit, where I spoke about business and fashion during a Fireside Chat.

GenHERation SoGal Bootcamp

My fireside chat! Photo by @SoGal.

From the article:

During a long first month of my senior year, I began to get caught in a routine and schedule on the weekends with loads of homework, lack of sleep, and no social life. While I could have stayed home for another weekend, I instead
opted to attend the SoGal Startup Bootcamp in Los Angeles alongside GenHERation Founder & CEO Katlyn Grasso and two other local high school girls, Rebecca K. and Jessica A., on Sept. 25 and 26. The two-day event touched on topics of entrepreneurship, technology, and diversity – three topics that I am passionate about – but most importantly, the event was targeted towards women.


To continue to the GenHERation article, click here! It’s worth the read 🙂


Interview: Kym Gold on the Marilu Henner Show

I had the opportunity to be interviewed today by Marilu Henner on the Marilu Henner Show today! She is lovely, and you can listen to her daily show at

Kym Gold Marilu Henner

Made a new friend today in Marilu. Such a blast!

Interview on The Marilu Henner Show (28 min into audio):

You can listen to the interview here, or visit this link to download from the show’s archives.

Visit the page for today’s episode here.



Kym Gold, Holly Robinson Peete on “Home & Family”


Today on “Home & Family” Holly Robinson Peete and I talk about being best friends since we were kids! Find out more about our 37-year-long friendship by tuning into the Hallmark Channel at 10:00AM EST or PST. You can also check the Hallmark schedule to find out what time “Home & Family” airs in your area.




Kym Gold Home & Family

LOVE to the family members on “Home and Family”!


Home & Family

Prepping on the set of “Home and Family.”


Kym Gold Hallmark Channel

Getting mic’d!


Kym HF3

Filming with the hosts Mark and Christina, and my wonderful friend Holly Robinson Peete!

Kym Gold at Book Soup in West Hollywood

Dear friends,

I had a wonderful time at Book Soup on Saturday to discuss my book Gold Standard: How to Rock the World and Run an Empire. Thank you, Book Soup, for being so gracious and for allowing me to speak about the process of writing Gold Standard and having an overall great time!

I also want to thank my lovely sisters Michelle and Traci for being my special guests, my co-author Sharon Soboil for being the Q&A moderator, and my literary rep Michelle Zeitlin for introducing us.

And of course, a big thank you to all who attended, I hope you enjoyed our event…and enjoy the book even more! Some pictures of the event below in case you missed out!


Gold Standard in the windows of Book Soup!

Gold Standard in the windows of Book Soup!


Kym Gold Store

Kym Gold with co-author Sharon Soboil, Marlon Young & Derick LaSalla!


Kym Gold Book Soup

My sisters and I answering questions.


Kym Gold Grace Rose Book Soup

Grace Rose celebrating my new book. Picture via Rosie G Style.


Kym Gold Dr. Sheryl Ross

Everyone having a great time at Book Soup! Picture via Dr. Sheryl Ross.


Kym Gold with Morezap Michelle Zeitlin at Book Soup

Michelle Zeitlin and I at Book Soup. Picture via Morezap Literary Representitives.

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